We know land values and can help you set a realistic price on your property. Sometimes your property can sell for more than it would appraise for.


A realtor can help you negotiate. It is much better for you to have a professional between you and the Buyer. At a certain point in the negotiations you may decide to meet with the Buyer but it helps you get a better price when you are not talking directly to the Buyer.


A professional realtor can prepare the sales contract saving you some legal fees.


A professional realtor can suggest creative financing such as an installment sale, a 1031 tax deferred exchange, taking back a second mortgage, and other ways to facilitate the sale or increase your net profit from the sale.


John Hall & Company can suggest ways to improve your property before you put it on the market.


Although you pay a sales commission, which ranges from 5 and 10 percent, you normally come out with more money than selling the property “By Owner.”


John Hall & Company marketing strategy is the strongest in our area including:
–  Attractive signage on the property.
–  Professional brochures with photos, location, aerial, and topo maps.
–  State of the art website where prospects can view all of the details of your property. Also we list your land on several national websites.
–  A large number of referrals coming to us because John Hall has been selling land since 1971.


John Hall & Company has a knowledgeable, hardworking sales team where someone is always available to show your property. We have 4 wheel drive vehicles and ATV’s which are a necessity.


John Hall & Company will cooperate with other brokers and pay part of our commission to other brokers to give you maximum exposure for your property.


John Hall & Company offers Seller Agency and Dual Agency, however, in all cases we respect your confidentially and do not divulge information you want us to hold in confidence.