A question that a landowner may ask themselves when thinking about selling their property is whether to hire a real estate agent to sell their land or to list the property ‘for sale by owner”. There are times when it may be more beneficial to list your property “for sale by owner” but more times than not hiring an expert to do the job is the best move. This article is to point out the perks of hiring a real estate agent and how an experienced and knowledgeable land agent can benefit you as a seller.

A real estate’s biggest asset in many situations would be their experience. When I say experience I’m not just referring to how many years that agent has been in the business. I am including multiple factors under what gives a land agent experience. An experienced and qualified land agent will be able to inform not only you but every potential buyer that is interested in the property about the features that property has to offer. Much of the knowledge a land agent has acquired about land comes from dealing with land day in and day out. A land agent’s contribution to controlling the negotiations and being the person in the middle has proven to be a useful way of handling negotiations while keeping emotions out of the decision making. Relying on the advice of a well experienced land agent can often times mean walking away from the closing table with more money in your pocket. Understanding and taking in the advice of your agent on countering offers, understanding terms of the contract, and accepting offers is what an experienced real estate agent does for a living. Working in the land industry every day also means that a good land agent will have contacts and references for whatever it may be that you need from a good real estate attorney, to a registered forester, or financing options. The list goes on.

As a property owner looking to sell their land a big question is “what is my property worth?” Choosing to hire a real estate agent who specializes in land sales can help evaluate and establish a value for your property. A land agent can provide you with their Brokers Opinion of Value or “BOV” which should show you what properties similar to yours are selling for in the area and the differences those properties have compared to yours. Once an agreement can be made on what the value for the property is then the agent can and should provide you with a marketing plan. Different properties attract different buyers. A real estate agent can get your property in front of the right people.

Providing your rural land with the maximum amount of exposure possible is critical. Our job is to bring you a buyer who is willing and able to buy your property. We will promote and advertise your property through social media, websites, flyers, brochures, word of mouth, outdoor expos, etc. Many of the advertising avenues are targeted at different pools of buyers who are attracted and interested in specific types of properties.

Once properly exposed the next perk of hiring a real estate agent specialized in land sales is the capability to show the property. We work weekdays, weekends, mornings and afternoons.   We are equipped with UTVs, ATVs, 4-wheel drive trucks, and even willing to walk the properties to make sure it is properly shown. A buyer most likely cannot make the decision whether or not to buy a property much less make their own evaluation of a property if they can only look at it through a car window on the side of the road. We at John Hall and Company spend a lot of time and money out of own pockets working hard to sell our listings. Each listing is an investment for us and unless we work hard to sell that listing we will not see a return on our investment.

Listing your property with a real estate company is a decision that you as a landowner should take seriously. Having an experienced, hardworking, and knowledgeable agent to represent you in the sale of your property is a decision that you won’t regret.

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